promoting physical activity

promoting physical activity

´╗┐Bradley White
Promoting physical activity.

Moving your body in different ways.

How many children and staff.
Between 10-15 children and 2 members of staff
Areas of learning covered.
Personal, social and emotional development. Physical development. communication and language. Expressive arts and design.
Description of activity.
The activity will involve moving from one end of the garden to the other performing a different movement each time. ie jumping, hopping on one foot, big steps, tiny steps ect...
How could this be extended.
This activity could be extended by adding maths into it, for example, counting how many steps it takes to get from one side of the garden to the other or by counting other movements as a group to make it more entertaining and enjoyable for the children participating.
Evaluate activity.
This activity could of been done differently and i think it would of worked better with a smaller group of children of around 8-10 with two members of staff still as we would be able to support more of the children who found some of the movements more challenging than others.

This activity worked very well and all children involved in the activity thoroughly enjoyed it. This physical activity covered many areas of learning and helped the childrens developmental needs. this activity helped all the children with their physical development as they were doing different movements and exercises, it also helped to support their personal social and emotional development as they were doing this activity with some children who they may not be familiar with or choose to play with in the setting and helped all children involved with their relationship building with one another as they began to help each other perform some of the movements they found challenging. This activity also helped the children with their communication and language as they had to listen very carefully to the helper leading the activity for...

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