Promoting a Product

Promoting a Product

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Jason: Good Afternoon my fellow colleagues and members of the board. We as the Cape Peninsula advertising firm stand before you with a confident drive to market and promote your product, chat attack!

Ross: You may be sitting here wondering how our firm can take your product from this simple design board and captivate the attention and minds of our audience

Bianca: Our plan is simple and effective. We will advertise your product on the television which will be broadcasted on Mnet, etv, sabc 3 during 7-8pm because recent studies have shown that this is the prime viewing time of teenagers, our primary target market.

Kelly: Due to the low concentration span of teenagers, our ad will be short and concise with a maximum viewing time of 20 seconds. Referring back to our AIDA principle which is attention, interest, desire and action, we have designed an advertisement that is eye catching and visually stimulating

Jason: For those people who are more enriched by their audio senses, we have chosen a background theme song which is most familiar to our youth and creates a desire within the minds of the viewers that by using your product they are stepping off the edge and experiencing life to the full. Our song is “born to be wild”

Bianca: We will be using the contrasting colours of blue and orange which are the main colours in the chat attack logo. By seeing these 2 colours in our advertisement and logo, the audience will constantly be reminded of our product everytime and anywhere they see these colours

Ross: An essential key that will need to be covered in our ad, is of course the explanation of chat attack. We will have a voice overhead discussing the main features of your product. That being of course online banking, gaming, webcam, personalised profile, visual and audio content and obviously instant chat.

Kelly: Basically what it comes down to is that by choosing our advertising firm to market your product, you can definitely be sure that chat attack...

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