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Many people often look to obtain the best type of product they require. With some many

products out there people do not know what to believe anymore. The market industry plays a

big role in economy because companies are willing to pay millions of dollars just to make some

advertisement. Propaganda, defined as by Wikipedia, a form of communication aimed towards

influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one

side of an argument is used in the everyday advertisement the average American comes across.

People get bombarded with many propaganda techniques, and eventually get persuaded into

buying the product. To seduce the consumer into buying its product, the Old Spice commercial

uses strategies such as transfer, card stacking, and testimonial.

In order to glorify the product Old Spice uses the strategy of transfer. The transfer

strategy consists of the propaganda symbolizing the product to something that people respect.

To entice the costumer into believing that the product is the “best gadget” to buy Old Spice

symbolizes the product by calling it “The spray that gives the consumer power”. Since everyone

respects and desires power, Old Spice illustrates its product to respect and power. But what

makes Old Spice better than Axe or any other brand name body-spray? Well according to Old

Spice, Old Spice products “Will give the user power” and it will help the consumer become the

man or woman they’ve always dreamed of becoming. The commercial also emphasizes the fact

that just by acquiring the product; Somehow the consumer’s life will improve in the financial,
friendship, and love life aspect.

The Old Spice commercial also uses the strategy Card Staking. Card Stacking is a strategy in
propaganda that insists of enforcing the propaganda that only tells half-truths and hides some important

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