Eye Contact - You can use the Self-View mode to ensure that your camera and incoming view window have been positioned correctly so that you are making direct eye contact with your participants. You should continue to focus your eye contact in that direction throughout your meeting. Avoid multi-tasking during your videoconference to prevent the appearance that you are no longer paying attention. Shifts in attention, such as looking out a window or looking at other applications on the computer screen, have the same effect as not looking someone in the eye when talking to them in person. The only exception to the previous rule is when you are sharing an application on your screen with all participants. Once you establish eye contact, select the ‘Self-View’ button to remove your picture in the screen layout to eliminate the distraction of looking at yourself throughout the meeting.

What to Wear - It is important to consider what looks appealing to the eye on camera to allow you to make informed choices about what to wear when you plan on participating in a Vidyo conference. Several colors to consider wearing are blue, green, and pink. Muted or pastel colors tend to provide better images with video cameras. Avoid wearing all-white because it tends to reflect light and make images appear darker, and also avoid wearing all-black clothing because dark colors soak in light and make things around you appear lighter. Polka dots, fine stripes, and plaids can sometimes be distracting.

Body Language – Facial expression and body language add an important element to your meeting. It is important to remember that videoconferencing is much more like an in-person exchange than a telephone call.


Introduce All Participants - At the beginning of your meeting, be sure to introduce all participants to be respectful. You can also turn on the option to ‘Show Participant Names’ in the ‘Options’ tab in the...

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