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Bancoper League is one of the top volleyball teams in the country. It has some of the best players and coaches in Peru, and it has an outstanding recognition inside and outside the country. However, Bancoper League is the only top volleyball organization that does not have a Web site. As a professional volleyball player and member of the Bancoper family, I feel I can help Bancoper League solve this issue. I have worked on a new proposal that outlines how I will solve this problem. However, before getting into the details of my proposal, I would like to share with you some of my qualifications that show I am the right person to for this new project.

Some of my qualifications are:
• All of my designs are based on years of experience. I had the opportunity to create Web sites for several companies in different industries.
• Since I am a professional volleyball player, I have all the experience and knowledge about this industry.
• I am also a photographer, and I can attend to all of your events and take pictures of the team. In addition, I can include some of my pictures when I used to be a volleyball player in Bancoper League.
• I know some of the most important volleyball players and coaches in Peru, who can provide me with the right information, links, events, and contacts for the creation of the Web site.


The purpose of this Web site is to bring new opportunities to Bancoper League to expand its market share, and increase its competition in the volleyball industry. At the moment, Bancoper League is only advertising itself through flyers and comments from volleyball players. That is costing Bancoper around $2,000 per month, and it is not being very efficient. However, if Bancoper league decides to advertise itself using a Web site, the cost will only be around $1000 per month. Besides, with a Web site Bancoper League will be connected with people all over the world, and it can recruit many local, regional, and...