Proposal for Services
For Independent Contractors

[The proposal for services is at the heart of an independent contractor’s sales tool kit. It combines key company information, your unique selling proposition, and your knowledge of a client’s needs and wants into a single document that can also serve as a basis for contract negotiations.
Use this sample proposal as an outline for developing your own.
To delete any shaded tips (like this one), just click the tip text and then press the spacebar.
The sample content throughout this proposal includes placeholder content for you to replace with your own. All placeholder text is surrounded by angle brackets ().]


[Use the overview to provide a brief summary of the reason for the proposal, and how you can best support the client’s needs. You can expand on this summary throughout the rest of the proposal.]

is pleased to submit this proposal for services to support in achieving its goals for improving customer satisfaction by
The Objective

[Include a purpose statement that covers the problem and the key theme around your solution. Restate the client’s needs as determined by reading their RFP or your previous interview process.]

The Opportunity

[Include major points and identify the opportunity. Restate the client’s project goals you identified previously (such as via RFP, interview, etc.).]

The Solution

[Include recommendations that lead to your proposed solution. Summarize what you’re proposing to do and how you’re going to meet the goals. You’ll be able to expand on the details within the ‘Our Proposal’ section.]

Our Proposal

[Provide background information, including a brief background on your company and your understanding of the client’s needs and specific issues to be addressed. You may also choose to include the results of any related research, project history, and additional factors that impact the client’s needs, such as socio-economic...

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