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Tabaco National High School
Tabaco, City

The Feasibility of PILI NUT (Canarium Ovatum) Shells as an adhesive component of an
eco-friendly paint.

Nicola Faye Bron
Proponent, 2013
Background of the study:

Most of the synthetic adhesives contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to humans. Along with the continuous production of these adhesives, the various chemical components that comprise these adhesives adds up to the problematic atmospheric pollution. Also, the price of these synthetic adhesives is increasing.

Pili nut, a product of a Pili tree, specifically, kernel is used for a variety of Filipino delicacies just like of pili nut brittle, pili cake, roasted pili and many more. The pili is a tree with resinous wood and grows locally. It has potential resins that can be a substitute to those synthetic adhesives. Its sap can also be processed into a paint.

In addition, the pili has its shell, and is considered waste. The shell is potential of producing resins that is an important component of making paint and can be an alternative to synthetic adhesives when processed. So, instead of being thrown, this waste can be recycled and used as an important component of making an eco-friendly paint, and won’t be considered as waste anymore.

Statement of the problem:

The canarium ovatum shells or commonly known as the pili nut shells contain resins that is an important component in making paint. The study aims to discover the use of pili nut shells, which is considered waste. This study is not just about the use of pili nut shells but also to control waste disposal, which is a huge problem around the world. With this, the disposal of waste would be managed and the waste would be lessen, and at the same time the pili nut shells would have a significant role to the environment and be able to produce a paint that is good to human health.

The study focuses on how the pili nut shells would be able to produce a paint that is good...

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