Dear Mr. Bobb,

Please support the proposal of a second free tutoring program being places in the Barry Farms community. Barry Farms, which is located east of the Anacostia River, is possibly the oldest African American neighborhood in Washington. Barry Farms is almost entirely occupied by public housing projects and this community has a reputation for violent crime, poverty, and neglect.

Recently, the community formed a program, Fly, where students were given one-on-one after school tutoring. Although this program offers one-on-one tutoring, Fly has many other responsibilities within the community. As a current mentor for Fly, I find it difficult to juggle tutoring sessions along with mentor programs we have to arrange. Implementing another free tutoring program will increase students progression in school, improve students attitudes’ about school, and promotes more learning styles.

Many members of the community aren’t able to take full advantage of the one-on-one tutor program already in place because space is limited. As a child coming from a single parent household, my mother always stressed the importance of an education. I remember going to the only center in my neighborhood for tutoring, but the tutoring wasn’t effective as it could have been because there wasn’t enough space nor enough tutors. Fortunately, my mother could afford to pay a tutor to tutor my sibling and I, but many families within Barry Farms aren’t able to do the same. The less fortunate must be accommodated.

Thank you for considering my view. I would be interested in knowing how you feel about the issue.

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