Pros and Cons of Cloning

Pros and Cons of Cloning

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Pros and cons of cloning
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Pros and cons of cloning
      I.        Introduction.
A.   Definition of cloning.
B.   Thesis Statement: Cloning technology is definitely advantageous to mankind because of the prospects of curing infections and the ability to come up with life without reproduction cells.
    II.        Advantages of cloning.
A.   Development of high yielding and disease resistant crop cultivars.
B.   Solution to self sterility in plants.
C.   Enhances genetic research activities.
D.   Tissue and organ replacement.
   III.        Disadvantages of cloning.
A. Elimination of genetic diversity in human beings.
B. Cost of cloning is high.
C. Malpractice in the field of medicine and the society.
IV. Conclusion 

Pros and cons of cloning
Cloning is the practice of creating a replica of a life form which has the same genotypic and phenotypic characteristics like the parent. This process is achieved through using cells from an infinitesimal fetus, embryo or a mature animal. Artificial embryo twinning and the somatic cell nuclear transfer are ways through which cloning is achieved. Artificial embryo twinning involves separating an embryo into various daughter cells and then allowed to divide and differentiate into a fully grown organism or plant separately (Mandery 89). The ensuing embryos are then consigned into a proxy mother where they thrive and are finally delivered. However, the somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) method involves secluding a body cell from an adult animal and its nucleus relocated in another cell without nucleus. The somatic cell nuclear transfer method was used in the successful birth of the Dolly Sheep from a mature animal in 1997 (Loverd 132). Cloning is a recent advancement in technology that has made it possible to launch positive and eliminate negative traits in living beings, advancement in the...

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