Pros and Cons of Ecological Agriculture

Pros and Cons of Ecological Agriculture

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Since the beginning of the 20th century, in order to overcome the conventional agricultural development brought about environmental problems, many countries have developed a variety of agricultural practices in order to replace conventional agriculture, such as "eco-agriculture, bio-agriculture, organic agriculture," and so on, the production of food is called Natural Foods , organic food and ecological food.

The object and purpose of Ecological Agriculture is intended to mean, under the guidance and coordination of economic development, environmental thought, according to agro-ecosystems within species symbiosis, material recycling, ecological principles of multi-level energy use, the use of modern science and technology to local conditions and traditional agricultural techniques combined, give full play to its advantages in resources areas, based on the level of economic development and the "whole, coordination, circulation and regeneration" principle, the use of systems engineering methods, overall planning, rational organization of agricultural production, and agricultural yield, high quality and efficient sustainable development, achieve ecological and economic virtuous cycle and "three benefits" in a unified system.

Objectively speaking, the design of the entire system, are based on the resources, natural and friendly, and accelerate the speed in which all aspects. So, personally think that the short-term look at the direction of the natural environment and no major shortcomings.

In the long term, the industry is also some disadvantages, such as the speed is definitely faster and effective fertilizer; From the economic point of view, the average small city has not formed the habit of paying for the organic agriculture; from technical reserves, many organisms chain, food chain between research also requires in-depth; from the scale, the current had not yet received support for agriculture industry workers appear; from a market point of view, there...

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