Prosperity of a Nation

Prosperity of a Nation

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The prosperity of a nation not only depends on the collective efforts of cities and communities living together but also on that of the dwellers of those municipalities. Hence, a nation’s people cannot always depend on their government to take care of each community; on the contrary, it is the peoples’ responsibility to maintain their community’s advancement.

Sometimes when people depend too much on their government, it leads to dire consequences. In 1789, France was on the verge of a revolution because the government in Paris was too harsh on the citizens. Hunger, disease, and death had become norms of the community. Therefore, the people attacked the Bastille, and decided to take the matter into their own hands. As a result, Napolean became emperor of France and grabbed the reins of the country’s status because the people wanted him to. In the following years France reached the apex of its territorial conquests and secured a very powerful status in Europe.

In History, economic depressions show the government’s inability to help the community until the people resort to making an effort as well. A significant example is the American Great Depression of 1929: although Hoover introduced many of his programs to help the deteriorating state of American life, it was not until the people started making an effort also that the Great Depression ended.

A nation is defined by the standard of life of its people. Thus, if the people work together to improve their lives, they will be improving the status of their communities, and consequently, their nation.

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