Prostitution in Philippine Setting

Prostitution in Philippine Setting

JMJCh Sept. 7, 2006
Anthony Abustan Mrs. Alma Gorospe
10- B. B.R. English 10

Prostitution in Philippine Setting
A Thesis Proposal

The main issue of the researcher came from a social and economic state. Prostitution in various forms has existed from the earliest times. It is dependent on the social, economic and sexual values in the society. It has been secular or under the guise of religion. In some societies, prostitution was believed to ensure the preservation of the family. Women have frequently entered prostitution through coercion or under economic stress. In most societies, prostitutes have low social status and restricted opportunities, because their sexual service was disapproved of and considered degrading on them. A few female prostitutes; however, have acquired wealth and power through marriage. Prostitution can be classified as a cancer in the society wherein women and minors even men are involved on this treacherous trading of flesh. Some parts of the society today are involved on this problem. Cabarets and K.T.V. bars are not sued for this kind of business.

While watching the documentary “Imbestigador”, I’ve seen some disturbing scenes in which prostitution was obviously seen. In Pangasinan, there are 12,000 sex workers present; however, 85% of them had S.T.D. (Sexual Transmitted Disease) that causes an alarm to the local government of Pangasinan. A law which is “Republic Act 7610” or the special protection against child abuse, exploitation, and discrimination act expressly forbids any public or private place or accommodation from allowing minors inside their premises wherein the sexual act took place. A part also of R.A. 7610 that minors engaged in sex work cannot be held liable for their actions because the law considers them as victims. It is the customer and the pimp, if there is one, of a prostituted child who is accountable to the law.

The researcher, at this point, wants to propose a way to resolve or...

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