Prostitution Should Be Legal in Canada

Prostitution Should Be Legal in Canada

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Prostitution should be legalized, it is an individual choice that the government shouldn’t have control of. There are a couple of reasons why it would be smart and ethical for the government of Canada to legalize prostitution. The first reason is that crime rate would decrease if legalized. A section of the police force is solely devoted to stopping prostitution. If legalized the police force could utilize their energies better by trying to stop the spread of drug abuse and violence on our streets. Secondly, the government would have full control over the prostitution industry and regulate everything that goes on inside it. Finally the government could profit immensely; taxation of the prostitutes would lead to profit for the government. Everything points to the legalization of prostitution.

If prostitution was legalized crime rate would decrease. A section of the police force is designated to prostitution, if legalized the police could focus on the important things which are getting the drugs and violence off our streets. If you think about it, it is a victimless crime where no one is hurt. Women are going to be prostitutes whether it is illegal or not, legalizing it would provide women with licenses to do it. The ban on prostitution has pushed the industry underground and has made the conditions very dangerous. “Furthermore, consider the fact that pornography is legal, as is the adult film industry. How can it be that it is perfectly legal to be an ‘adult film actor/actress' and get paid for performing sexual acts and having it videotaped and selling it, but it is illegal to so the same, only excluding the videotape? There is no logic behind that principle (”

The government could have full control over prostitution if it were legalized. The government faces upcoming issues in reference to the ban on prostitution. The charter states that “everybody has the right to life, liberty and the security of the person and...

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