Providing Information for the Supervisory Team

Providing Information for the Supervisory Team

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InterClean, Inc

To: Supervisory Team
From: Lia’Honi Gibson
Date: 12/2/2008
Re: Management Do’s and Don’ts

The purpose of this memo is to provide information to the supervisory team on the importance of behavior types in which management should exhibit. In order to ensure the merger between InterClean, Inc and Enviro Tech is successful, we must understand how a manager’s behavior can impact the productivity of his or her workers, how management actions are in line with employment laws, and how best practices for working within a diverse work environment will ensure a successful merger.
A mangers behavior can impact the productivity of his or her workers in many ways such as: management skills, knowledge of employees, empowerment, motivation, and personality conflict. Providing the appropriate leadership skills will create a good atmosphere and produce high productivity among employees. A manager that lacks interpersonal communication skills can make the easiest job seem hard. A negative manager can create an environment of distrust and hostility causing productivity to decrease within the company. The best way to motivate your employees is to focus more on the positives rather than the negatives. Look at your employees potential and what separates them from other employees. As a supervisor find ways to create a stress free environment that will motivate your employees to want to come to work on a daily basis. Give them the empowerment to make decisions and open the lines of communications. In completing these steps you will in turn make the merger between InterClean, Inc. and Enviro Tech a successful one.
The management actions that are in line with employment laws would be Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Laws (EEO). The federal laws prohibiting job discrimination are as follows:
· Title VII, which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin;
· Equal Pay Act, which...

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