Family therapy can help family members…
…find the courage to talk more easily about what can’t be talked
… solve problems and make plans.
…protect children.
…pull together.
…identify individual needs.
…enjoy each other more.
…survive divorce and remarriage and strengthen single parent
families and step-families.
…successfully launch children into adulthood.
…learn about themselves and use what they learn.
…nurture and help each other.
Kirstie Shain

One of Little Smiles specialties is
helping with Attachment issues

The four stages of attachment are:

Pre-attachment Stage Age birth to 3 months: The child
doesn’t show signs of attachment to any specific person

Indiscriminate Attachment Age six weeks to 7 months:
Prefer primary and secondary caregivers

Discriminate Attachment Age seven to eleven months:
Has attachment to one individual and starts to show signs of stranger

Multiple Attachments After 9 months: Bonds with other
caregivers besides the primary, such as siblings, grandparents, and even
the father

Ways of Coping with

Helping Children deal with attachment disorders
can be frustrating to parents and the child. You can
help by encouraging the child's development. This
can be done by being responsive and caring.
Here at Little Smiles we know how important it is to
have the same caregivers for your child to get to
know and trust, so you can rest assured your child
will see the same smiling faces on a daily basis.
We like to keep the child’s mind occupied as well
as their body to help them focus on the task at
hand instead of being away from their parents.

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