Psalms 1:

I have always enjoyed this verse. How I take it as that a man will be blessed if he doesn’t

Walk with society an follows sin as others do. But they walk true in in the lord with and

Obey his commands. It refers to them as being like a tree planted by the waters edge

who’s fruit will prosper and leaves will not wilt. The lord blesses those whom he deems

righteous and obeys his laws.

Psalms 23:

This is probably one of the most popular chapters in the bible next to John 3:16 in my

opinion. In this chapter it refers to even though you walk through hard and troubled

things you will have comfort and calm knowing that the lord is with you.

Psalms 43:

This chapter is referencing for god to help us in our fight against ungodly people. It talks

of how he is our stronghold and how no matter what we will praise him. It asks for him to

send out his light and truth to help us in our fight.

Psalms 90:

As we beginto read this it references of al the things God is. It talks of how he was God

Before any and all things were bron. It refers to the mountains were or even before the

Earth was made he was God. It speaks of how he sweeps men away in their sleep but new

ones are created the very next morning. In the end it asks for the lord to grant his favor

over us and satisfy us in the morning so that we may stand proud and happy for him. In
other words fill up our Christian battery.

Psalms 100:

This chapter is telling us that we should worship and praise the lord. Because he is the

one that made us. We should enter his gates with praise and thanksgiving.

Psalms 121:

I love this chapter. I have read this one to my kids on several occasions. To me it

exemplifies living for the lord. It tells that he is our support our strong hold. As long as

We walk with him he will not allow harm to come to us and that he watched over us

through he night and day.

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