Holly Esposito

Comp 2


2013 May 3


What I Have Learned This Semester

I have learned more this semester than in my previous Comp class. I have enjoyed the majority of my assignments as well. It has been a tedious progress, but one that I am grateful for. I have received a great deal of support from my instructor as well as my class mates. It is encouraging, and I am grateful for having such a wonderful and positive team behind me. I have faced some challenges during the course, mostly with citations and sources. However, I was given very specific and well informed feedback, and was able to venture through these battles. I believe the most valuable lesson I can take from this class would be what I have learned through forming arguments. I think that it has and will continue to help me communicate with other people when discussing different views. I think that is a real important tool that will help in future social interactions.
My past experience with Comp 1 left me feeling unsure about what would be expected of me in my next Comp course. I did not feel confident going into this class. Thankfully, Mrs. Lamb made me feel very welcomed and ensured me that she would be available to help me with any questions. This was reassuring to me, to know that I had a supportive system. I have had a few questions, and some that have came last minute. I have always been answered or given precise instructions or advice in a timely manner. That in itself is priceless. Previously, my questions would go unanswered, and papers would be weeks to a month before graded and critiqued. I would not draft or work on my papers as much, because the communication between me and my instructor was not what I had expected. I received prompt responses and positive feedback on my graded papers. I believe this has helped build my self confidence and also my eagerness to prepare for my assignments. My instructor has given me great advice on how to...