PSY 202 ASH Course Tutorial / Uophelp

PSY 202 ASH Course Tutorial / Uophelp

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PSY 202 Week 5 DQ 1

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Scenario 1

Sheryl is a single working mother, constantly striving to balance work, family, and friends. Recently, she enrolled in an online bachelor’s degree program for Healthcare Administration to improve her situation in life. While doing research for a final paper, Sheryl finds a very helpful article that states her own opinion exactly. Excited about her findings, she cuts and pastes two paragraphs from the article into her paper. She changes some of the words in a couple of the sentences and adds one more sentence of her own, and then she is ready to turn it in.

Scenario 2

William often works 40-60 hours a week for a finance company and has three small children. In order to be considered for a promotion, William enrolls in the MBA program at Ashford, though it adds more responsibilities to his busy schedule. Usually balancing his work schedule with his family and schoolwork is not a problem, but this week has been an exception. All of his time has been devoted to preparing a presentation he will need to give at work. His son’s team has made the playoffs and he plans to attend tonight’s game. On his way out the door, he realizes that he needs to post his discussion for his class. Already running late, and knowing that his son is counting on him to be there, William, in a moment of desperation, decides to simply copy word for word from his textbook and submit his post without giving credit to his sources or adding his own analysis.


• Would Sheryl’s actions be considered plagiarism under the Ashford University plagiarism policy? What about William’s goals?
• What should Sheryl and William do to be sure they are in compliance with the Honor Code?
• Is William’s instructor likely to notice that he copied from the textbook?

• What are some potential consequences of being caught plagiarizing?...

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