Psy 210 Sexual Responce Cycle Wk 6 Day 7

Psy 210 Sexual Responce Cycle Wk 6 Day 7

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The Sexual Response Cycle

Alyssa Dooms

University of Phoenix

PSY 210

Charlette Martin

There are four phases of the sexual response cycle for females, males, and there are commonalities for both sexes. The four phases are excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasmic phase, and resolution phase.

The sexual response cycle for male and female are very similar, the cycle describes the different phases when a male or female become sexually aroused. The cycle has been characterized in to categories which are vasocongestion and myotonia. When the genital tissue swelling with blood. This can cause the erection of the pennies, and swelling can occur in the testes, the nipples, and the earlobes. Myotonia causes facial grimaces, spasms in the hands, feet, and spasms of orgasm from muscle tension.

The first phase is the excitement phase for a male is when the sexual stimulation begins. (pg. 445) The scrotal skin thickens, becomes less baggy, and the male testes increases in size and becomes elevated. (pg. 445) For young males the excitement phase may only last 3 to 8 seconds because the stimulation can cause erection. (pg. 445) The excitement phase is when stimulation begins and within 10 to 30 seconds vaginal lubrication may start. At this point vasocongestion swells the clitoris and the vaginal lips flatten and spreads, and the inner part of the vagina will expand. (pg. 445) The blood vessels will become more prominent and the breasts will enlarge. (pg. 445) During this phase the skin may take on a rosy sex flush; this is more obvious in women. The nipples on male and females will become more erect, blood pressure, and heart rate will increase. (pg. 445)

The second phase is the plateau phase during this phase the level of sexual arousal stays somewhat stable. Males show in increase in the circumference of the head of the penis, and takes on a purplish hue. (pg. 446) At this point the testes are elevated into a position for ejaculation and can reach...

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