PSY 285 UOP Course Tutorial / psy285dotcom

PSY 285 UOP Course Tutorial / psy285dotcom

PSY 285 Entire Course (UOP)

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PSY 285 Week 1 Assignment: Experimental Research
PSY 285 Week 1 CheckPoint: Causation and Correlation
PSY 285 Week 2 CheckPoint: Locus of Control
PSY 285 Week 3 CheckPoint: Confirmation Bias
PSY 285 Week 3 Assignment: Attitudes and Behaviors
PSY 285 Week 4 CheckPoint: Obedience
PSY 285 Week 5 Assignment: Persuasion, Indoctrination, and Inoculation
PSY 285 Week 5 CheckPoint: Presence of Others
PSY 285 Week 6 CheckPoint: Symptoms and Remedies of Groupthink
PSY 285 Week 7 CheckPoint: Prejudice
PSY 285 Week 7 Assignment: Aggression
PSY 285 Week 8 CheckPoint: Conflict
PSY 285 Capstone CheckPoint
PSY 285 Final Project: Self-Analysis

PSY 285 Week 1 CheckPoint Causation and Correlation (UOP)

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view the Causation and Correlation Presentation.
Compare and contrast causation and correlation in a 200- to 300-word post. Explain whether each of the following may be classified as a causation or correlation. Justify your reasoning. Identify any possible lurking variables that may be present.
Wealthy people are thin.
People with long hair do better on audio memory tests.
Ice cream melts when heated.
Students with fewer clothes perform worse on standardized tests.
Money is the root of all evil. In other words, money causes evil


PSY 285 Week 3 CheckPoint Confirmation Bias (UOP)

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Discuss how confirmation bias can influence...

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