PSY 490 Week 4 Quiz

PSY 490 Week 4 Quiz

PSY 490 Week 4 Quiz
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1) Ivan Pavlov pioneered the theory of
A.  Social Learning Theory

B.  classical conditioning

C.  operant conditioning

D.  Cognitive Psychology

2) Philosophers who believe that truth can emerge from the careful use of reason are known as
A.  Rationalists

B.  Nativists

C.  Dualists

D.  Empiricists

3) The most commonly used statistic in Psychology is
A.  mean

B.  criteria

C.  mode

D.  range

4) In a topographical representation of the motor cortex, the homunculus is the largest area devoted to
A.  the face

B.  the hands

C.  arms and legs

D.  the tongue

5) What theorist presents a hierarchy of needs and motivations?
A.  Carl Jung

B.  Sigmund Freud

C.  Abraham Maslow

D.  B.F. Skinner

6) Consider the biological theories of aging. Which of the following best represent components of that theory?
A.  Attachment Theory

B.  The Nun Theory

C.  Cellular Dial Theory

D.  Hormonal Stress Theory

7) In operant conditioning, which of the following is accurate?
A.  Any response that is followed by reward tends to become extinct.

B.  Any response that is followed by punishment is likely to not be repeated.

C.  Any response that is followed by a reinforcing stimulus tends to be repeated.

D.  Any response that is preceded by a reinforcing stimulus tends to be repeated.

8) The child begins to initiate, not imitate activities; to develop a conscience; and to experience a sexual identity. The ______stage, as defined by Erik Erikson, involves the crisis of initiative versus guilt.
A.  Preschooler

B.  Toddler

C.  Infant

D.  School-age child

9) Which theorist is most associated with Social Learning Theory?
A.  Albert Bandura

B.  B.F. Skinner

C.  Carl Rogers...

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