PSY111 Assessment 2A

PSY111 Assessment 2A

Exercise 1: Health, stress and coping
Identify two journal articles that explore how the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) can be applied to health behaviours. You will need to cite them using APA format

1. Zemore, S. E., Ajzen, I., “Predicting substance abuse treatment completion using a new scale based on the theory of planned behaviour”, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 46 (2014), 174-182
2. Gastil, J., “Thinking, Drinking, and Driving: Application of the Theory of Reasoned Action to DWI Prevention”, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 2000, 30, 11, pp. 2217-2232

b. Explain the relationship between Theory of Reasoned Action and health behaviours. You may wish to utilise your 2 chosen articles for this, or other sources. (250 words)

This theory, if it can be called that, of reasoned action isn’t really any sort of great rocket science. People are a product of their social and environmental surroundings, a theory claimed by Bandura, merely an extension of the great Freuds’ psychosexual theory, where he emphasized that a childs’ personality is formed by the ways his parents managed his sexual and aggressive drives. Erickson elaborated; the child acquires attitudes and skills resulting from the negotiation of the psychological conflict with poor parenting. Then came the control freaks, Pavlov, Watson, Skinner and Thorndike who got their rocks off by masochist gunplay, torturing the sexual and aggressive freaks of nature. Ajzen and Fishbein haven’t really invented the wheel, by changing a few words of someone else’s’ work

By knocking out a couple of teeth of the junkie alcoholic, the same one who went on strike due to the intervention placed by the infidels, an image of the rogue Ned Kelly is created, a modern day Australian Hero … against all odds ! By using fancy jargon, it is not possible to predict and change the ‘health’ behaviour of the deviant, just slight inconveniences. The defiant deviant ends up smoking up and drinking up, while...

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