For me to understands a lot of things especially this topic of nature vs. nurture, I needed it broken down to the easiest way of understanding and relateable as possible. My definition of nature is what you’re born with and it’s effect on your life. For example someone who’s born tall and become a baskeball player or model.

An example of nature would be that I was blessed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Lactose intolerant so eating something that is spicy or has whole milk or cream kills my stomach and im off running to the bathroom.

Another example is with working out. My genetic makeup is my height is 5’5 and I have long legs and a short torso, so when im squatting or deadlifting my stance in the way I’ll place my feet is going to be completly different from someone who has a long torso and shorter legs.

Nurture is the envoirnment that you’re surrounded by and how it influence someone’s way of thinking anf going about things.

An example of how nurture influenced me is that I grew up poor and living in homeless shelter so naturally I grew up distrusting people. Another example is that

I’m also Haitian so I grew up speaking creole and french, then later learning how to speak english.

Nature or Nurture
I believe that nurture has more of and effect on my devleopment than nature. Me growing up poor has made me work hard to survive and that includes getting a job when I was 16 and staying at that job for 4 years before I joined the miltary. It’s made me be more aware on life and not reliant on anyone to stand on my own.

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