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Quiz Review Guide

Review the following in preparation for the Week Four quiz.

Concepts associated with behavioral conditioning—both classical and operant (PSY/300)

Philosophical roots of psychology (PSY/310)

Historical roots of psychology as a specific discipline (PSY/310)

Basics of statistical reasoning in psychology as a specific discipline (PSY/315)

Basic mappings of the motor cortex (PSY/340)

Basics of genetics and basic biology (PSY/340)

Basic definitions of motivation (PSY/355)

Theories of motivation with emphasis on hierarchical theories (PSY/355)

Basics of lifespan developmental stages and the issues involved with each stage (PSY/375)

Biological issues encountered in late life stages of development (PSY/375)

Basics of operant conditioning and learning (PSY/390)

Principles involved in classical conditioning, as denoted by Pavlov (PSY/390)

Basics of Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory of development as it relates to social psychological issues (PSY/400)

Social learning theory as it relates to personality and behavior (PSY/405)

Basic theoretical approaches to the study of personality (PSY/405)

Basic classification subcategories for thought disorders, including schizophrenia (PSY/410)

Axis II personality disorders, as presented in the DSM-IV-TR, and how such orders are characterized in terms of signs and symptoms (PSY/410)

Historical roots of industrial and organizational psychology and how the field was founded (PSY/435)

Foundational elements of work motivation theories (PSY/435)

Basic tenants of cross-cultural psychology and how this subdiscipline fits into the broader psychological field (PSY/450)

Cultural psychological perspectives on mental and physical disorders (PSY/450)

Basic concepts and definitions in environmental psychology (PSY/460)

Environmental interactions with an organism’s natural responses (PSY/460)

Principles of reliability as...

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