PSYC 201 Final Exam

PSYC 201 Final Exam

PSYC 201 Final Exam
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Final Exam
Part 1 of 1 - 300.29996 Points
Question 1 of 35 8.58 Points
According to our text, social psychology is a science that studies the impact of our background
D.unconscious motives

Question 2 of 35 8.58 Points
Our perceiving ourselves as athletic, overweight, smart, or shy constitutes our ....
A.egocentric beliefs
B.interdependent self
C.interdependent self

Question 3 of 35 8.58 Points
Hypotheses are best characterized by ...

Question 4 of 35 8.58 Points
Random assignment is necessary to... mundane realism informed consent
C.avoid the naturalistic fallacy
D.rule out preexisting differences between subjects in different experimental confitions

Question 5 of 35 8.58 Points
Social scientists gather information like other scientists, through scientific methods that insure accuracy.
A. True
B. False

Question 6 of 35 8.58 Points
In an experiment, the variable being measured is called the _____________ variable. dependent

Question 7 of 35 8.58 Points
The tendency to process efficiently and remember well information related to onself is called the

Question 8 of 35 8.58 Points
People who believe themselves internally controlled are more likely to ...
A.take unnecessary tasks tolerant of racial differences
C.engage in self-handicapping well in school

Question 9 of 35 8.58 Points
In an experimental study of the effects of failure on self-esteem, self-esteem is the ...
A.control condition
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B.independent variable
C.dependent variable
D.experimental condition


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