PSYC 406 Quiz 2

PSYC 406 Quiz 2

PSYC 406 Quiz 2

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Question 1 of 17
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In the journal article authored by Mittal and Walker (2007),__________ adolescents were considered at risk for psychosis, and of that number _________ participants converted to an Axis I psychosis over the _________ -year period.
A.50; 6; 10
B.40; 10; 4
C.10; 2; 1
D.35; 10; 4

Question 2 of 17
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According to Mittal and Walker (2007), neurocircuitry implicated in psychotic symptoms may be shared by:
A.circuits controlling heart rate
B.circuits controlling hearing
Correct C.circuits controlling dyskinetic movement
D.circuits controlling speech

Question 3 of 17
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Of interest to Mittal and Walker (2007) is the prediction of ______________ by assessing movement abnormalities.
A.affective psychosis
C.schizoaffective disorder
D.dissociative fugue

Question 4 of 17
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Mittal and Walker (2007) assert the present findings support the theory that hyperkinesis and psychotic symptoms share neural mechanisms.
A. True
B. False

Question 5 of 17
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Consistent with the Mitall and Walker (2007 findings, the group that converted to Axis I psychosis exhibited significantly more movement in:
A.feet and lower legs
B.knee jerking motions
C.face and upper body
D.toes and fingers

Question 6 of 17
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The human brain probably consists of about _________________ neurons, each with about ________________ connections.
A.1000 trillion; 100 million
B.1000 billion; 10 million
C.100 million; 10 thousand
D.100 billion; 10 thousand

Question 7 of 17
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A neurostransmitter involved in reinforcement and chemical addiction is:
A.gamma-aminobutyric acid

Question 8 of 17
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A biological signal involving both...

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