Psyc Syllabus

Psyc Syllabus

Arts & Sciences

Introduction to Psychology Online

Textbook: The primary learning tool for PSY 1010 online is the textbook: Wood, S. E., Green-Wood, E., Boyd, D. (2006). Mastering the World of Psychology. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 9780536690326

There is also an online e-book, multi-media version of the textbook. The e-book contains all of the material contained in the printed version of the book, plus video clips, interactive exercises, and practice quizzes. My recommendation is that you purchase the text at the MCC bookstore.

Using the e-book: You must log onto this website to read the e-book. The first time you visit, you will have to register to obtain access to the e-book. To do this, you will need an access code (that comes with the book).The advantage is that you will have a paper copy of the book and access to the e-book and its extra features, such as practice quizzes and video clips.

There are video clips (labeled “watch”) and interactive exercises (labeled “explore”) throughout each chapter. You should do as many of these as possible, since they greatly enhance the learning experience of reading the book.

Optional Study Guide: Pilati, M. (2006). Student Solutions Manual for Wood, Wood, and Boyd. Mastering the World of Psychology. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Additional Resources:

Tutor web site:

Companion web site:

Research Navigator Guide web site:


A wealth of additional information on many topics in psychology can be accessed from our AmoebaWeb Resource Page and at

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You are encouraged to utilize the library’s resources and web sites as appropriate.

All times are in the Eastern Time Zone.

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