Psych 1

Psych 1

Workplace in Groups
Susan Stevens
June 25, 2011

Working in Groups

Video One
The first video I chose to diagnose was titled Helping Annie. In this video, I will discuss the relationship between group member diversity and the communication style. When viewing the video, the first topic discussed was about a young girl in high school named Annie who suffers from depression and an eating disorder. She’s been said to isolate herself from other’s and have been seen throwing up food. The first thing brought out is the lady is given medication first and foremost. I noticed the diversity between the group members is based on two young women and one man, which showcases a mix of genders. The gentleman is an old man who seems to jump in whenever he feels like it in the group because he feels his part is more important. This is affecting communication style because in my opinion it seems the older gentleman is disrespectful jumping in an over-talking the rest of the group members. The ladies would like to meet with the young lady while the gentleman agrees on what the two ladies say but still interjects with his own personal views. The diversity of hindrance in this communication is having two out of the three people being on the same page. One communication method that could be used to better facilitate the group would be along the lines of respect. In order for communication to flow properly, being respectful has to go around the group evenly. Another method could be visual communication. I noticed the gentleman writing down notes on how he feels about the situation. Simply displaying certain aspects of his view to the group could further help communication.

Video Two
In video two, we look at certain aspects of the video “Planning a Playground” and describe verbal and nonverbal interaction among the members of the group. In the video, the scenario is based off a group of community residents who are all meeting...

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