PSYCH 304 Final Exam Answers

PSYCH 304 Final Exam Answers

PSYCH 304 Final Exam Answers
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Question 1
What depth cue could be classified as a binocular cue and an oculomotor cue?
Question 2
Of the oculomotor depth cues, convergence is __________ than accommodation.
A. less-effective
B. more effective
C. equally effective
D. less automatic
Question 3
The imaginary place in which all objects project to corresponding points in the left and right retina is
A. the horopter
B. univariance plane
C. constancy arc
D .Air Force One
Question 4
The depth cue of ___________ is most important in the Ponzo (railroad track) illusion.
A.perspective convergence
D.motion parallax
Question 5
According to Gregory’s misapplied size constancy scaling hypothesis, we perceive the “arrows pointing out” version of the Muller-Lyer illusion as
A.longer, because it is perceived as being further away
B.longer because it is perceived as being closer
C.shorter, because it is perceived as further away
D.shorter, because it is perceived as being closer
Question 6
A major assumption of the apparent-distance theory of the moon illusion is that they sky overhead
A.appears to be further away than the horizon because of the lack of...

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