PSYCH 515 UOP Course TUtorial / uophelp

PSYCH 515 UOP Course TUtorial / uophelp

PSYCH 515 Week 1 Assignment Introductory Case Study

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Read the Case Example below and write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the following questions:

• Is Jim’s behavior abnormal? Use the six primary elements of abnormal behavior, outlined in Chapter 1 of Abnormal Psychology, to answer this question.
• Explain which of these six elements is incorporated into the DSM-IV definition of mental disorders. Would Jim have a ‘mental disorder’ according to the DSM-IV definition? Why or why not? Explain.
• Analyze the pros and cons of having a classification system such as the DSM-IV.

Format according to APA standards.

Case Example: Jim is a 48-year-old Caucasian male who is often described as a loner. For the past 15 years, Jim has maintained steady employment as a technical writer for a mid-size publishing company. Jim lives in a one bedroom apartment and pays his bills on time. He has never married, has no children and expresses little interest in interpersonal relationships or friendships. Although his parents and brother live in the same city as Jim, he sees them only on major holidays. He does not seem interested in deepening these relationships. In his leisure time, Jim engages in solitary pursuits such as reading and computer games. He lives life ‘under the radar’ and prefers it that way claiming that social interactions have never been all that satisfying to him. Others describe Jim as socially awkward. He often misses social cues which can make others feel uncomfortable. For example, he may continue talking when others give cues that it is time to end a conversation. He has also been known to express his opinions on things in a ‘brutally honest’ way. These behaviors have isolated Jim socially and interfered with his ability to form lasting friendships. He appears to be oblivious to his social mistakes, having only a vague understanding of particular social interactions as ‘going...

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