Psych Foundation of Growth Development and Learning Case Study - Age Group 2 Years Old

Psych Foundation of Growth Development and Learning Case Study - Age Group 2 Years Old

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Ivina Russell
Age group two years old
GED 201 XM:
Psych Foundation of Growth Development and Learning
Prof. Yomi Ajaiyeoba
Fall 2009


a. Physical Description: Give a complete physical description of the child. Discuss height and body build in comparison with other children the same age, and any other distinguishing features.
D.D. is a male child, age two years old he is medium built and his height is average. D.D. is always smiling, and his outlook on how things work is amazing.

Selection of child: State your reasons for selection this particular child. D.D. is very talkative, he asks a million and one questions. He is not shy, hew likes to be the center of all attraction. When he is corrected it is really sad to see him cry.

Environment/Setting: Where did the behaviors observe occur. Give a complete description of the environment you observe the selected child in. I have observed D.D. in the class, playground, library, gym play area bank and stores.


a. List and discuss skills observed. Use specific examples to describe each skill you observe-how, where, how well. D.D. running is steady , he can run fast. His jumping straight he has not mastered. When he jumps it is all over the place. He can climb fast one hand over the over as well as his feet. He has difficulties holding big pencils and crayons, He uses his left hand. He can catch a ball as well as throw it very far.


a. What types of play does your child engage in? Give specific examples. Indicate what % of time the child spends in group play? % alone? What have you observed the child learning from play? What gender activities have you noticed? What toys/activities are both sexes involved with? Girls only? Boys only? Dramatic play, D.D. likes playing in the cooking area. He likes the stacking manipulative. Music area I fell is very important, the instruments he plays with is the...

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