Psych Skit

Psych Skit

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Kyle: Cashier
Jessica: Customer (tries to buy slushie)
Sandra: Theif (steals slushie, gets caught)
Ali: Narrator/

Two people walk into a corner store during there lunch break. One of them wants
to buy a slushie, and the other is browsing... (but secretly trying to steal something).
The first girl tries to pay for her slushie but does not have enough money. So the manager/cashier
throws her out. While the cashier throws her out, the other girl runs up and takes her slushie and tries
to get away with it. She feels nervous and bad for what she has done, and the result makes her look guilty.
The cashier goes to speak with her and find that she has 12 candybars and a sluhie in her jacket.

Jessica: (Walks into store)
Sandra: (Walks in after her)
Jessica: (Picks up a slushie, and brings it to the counter)
Kyle: (messes around with register) Ok That'll Be $2.95
Jessica: (looks through purse, pulls out $2.90) Oh well I only have $2.90?? can that be enough?
Kyle: (looks at her sternly) Sorry little missy but that's not good enough, so if you can't pay then get out!...
Jessica: (looks at him, shocked) You are Soooo cheap, ugh jerk!
Kyle: Yah Yah I'll Help you out the door!
Sandra: (sneaks up and takes slushie, then walks back)
Kyle: (looks confused) Hm.. where'd that slushie go??
Sandra: (walks towards the door with long jacket hovering over her... looking very nervous and scared)
Kyle: (looks over toward sandra, and see's her nervous) Hey you there!
Sandra: Huh? me!? oh I didn't take anything...
Kyle: Wait I didn't ask if you took anything? Show me your pockets then??
Sandra: (shows her pockets and takes out 12 candybars and the slushie) awww man...
Kyle: (takes all the stuff) So your the slushie theif, and um of other various items?
Sandra: Oh please don't call my Mom!
Kyle: Yah well you can call her from the police station!
Sandra: ok ok i'm sorry I didn't mean too-----
Kyle: Yah well just start...

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