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“Psycho” is a suspense thriller directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960. The movie was awarded with a Golden Globe award in 1961 and won the Satellite award for best classis DVD in 2008. The total gross profit of the movie was $32 million and still is one of the most recognized classics of all time and as Steve Zahn put it “movies like that are so memorable because they are so simple”.

Psycho starts off with Marion (Janet Leigh) and Sam (John Gavin) in a hotel room in Phoenix discussing about their future and financial troubles. Attempting to solve their problems, Marion steals $40 thousand that was given to her by employer to put in a safe deposit. She attempts to flee town with the money with suspicion as she’s running from the law. Due to treacherous weather, Marion stops at the Bates Motel for the night.
After days of contact being made by her employer, sister Lila (Vera Miles) and boyfriend Sam, her employer hires a detective. That is when the mystery of Marion’s absence and the Bates Motes unravels.

I would recommend this movie to viewers because it is still very thrilling and full of suspense even though it has been around for over five decades. Hitchcock sets uncertainty, anxiety and terror in the movie making it an adrenaline rushing experience.
The opening scene shows Sam and Marion sharing the same bed but are clothed – not fully but enough to make it suitable for the audience. In those days it was controversial but in out times is acceptable.
Also, the movie is violent but the violence is not explicit. The famous shower scene never shows the knife touching the flesh but it’s still terrifying and jaw dropping. It’s a good film to introduce Hitchcock to older children and get them interested in his astounding work. All in all, this movie deserves 5 stars.

Scene 1

Stopped by policeman

The scene showing a wide angle of a long endless highway, a deep focus shot with Marion’s and the policeman’s car grabs...

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