Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

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Psychological Testing Article Analysis

Tara Meadows

University of Phoenix

The article Personality counts: Psychological tests can help peg the job applicants best suited for certain jobs discusses several issues surrounding personality testing in reguards to hiring employees. Topics discussed are the relevency of the tests, navigating the test maze, how assessments work, recognize the limitations of the test, and avoiding legal pitfalls.
Bates askes the question asks “Can a quesstionnaire asking people how they react to various situations truly gauge human nature and tell us what jobs they might do best?” The answer based on a large number of analyst around the world, culminated in a definitive yes (Bates, 2009). In the world of employment, assessments have central organization and inflow and outflow controlling functions. In conventional societies, inherited societal standing fundamentally determines one's professional function. The expansion of industrialized economies with varied job demands and hefty populace concentrations has tended to replace individual ability for family, class, and the like as the prescribed measure for designating employment (Wigdor & Green, 1991). “Predominantly in America, with its tides of ambitious immigrants and unusually strong attachment to the idea that one can make one's future, sorting on the basis of ability has come in the twentieth century to have widespread appeal” (Wigdor & Green, 1991, p. 16).
Although leading authorities warn that many personality tests do not convey what they claim, consistant scientifically aauthenticated tests are assisting management assess job applicants to chose those best qualified for particular positions. Personality tests bring attention to each person's needs, attitudes, motivations and behavioral tendencies (Bates, 2009).
Commercially available personality test are widley asccessable. In order to use the tests as they were...

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