Psychological. The Bilingual Mind

Psychological. The Bilingual Mind

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The Bilingual Mind

A Series in Psycholinguistics • Series Editor: R. W. RIEBER
Recent Volumes in this Series:
THE BILINGUAL MIND: Thinking, Feeling and Speaking in Two Languages Rafael Art. Javier THE COLLECTED WORKS OF L. S. VYGOTSKY Volume 1: Problems of General Psychology Volume 2: The Fundamentals of Defectology (Abnormal Psychology and Learning Disabilities) Volume 3: Problems of the Theory and History of Psychology Volume 4: The History of the Development of Higher Mental Functions Volume 5: Child Psychology Volume 6: Scientific Legacy EXPERIMENTAL SLIPS AND HUMAN ERROR: Exploring and Architecture of Volition Edited by Bernard J. Baars LANGUAGE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOTHING Mikhail Bakhtin and the Landscape of Psychiatry Peter Good LANGUAGE, THOUGHT, AND THE BRAIN Tatyana B. Glezerman and Victoria I. Balkoski PSYCHOENVIRONMENTAL FORCES IN SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION Lorand B. Szalay, Jean Bryson Strohl, and Kathleen T. Doherty THE PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF LANGUAGE AND COGNITION Robert W. Rieber and Harold J. Vetter TIME, WILL, AND MENTAL PROCESS Jason W. Brown VYGOTSKY’S PSYCHOLOGY-PHILOSOPHY: A Metaphor for Language Theory and Learning Dorothy Robbins VYGOTSKY’S SOCIOHISTORICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND ITS CONTEMPORARY APPLICATIONS Carl Ratner
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Rafael Art. Javier

The Bilingual Mind
Thinking, Feeling and Speaking in Two Languages

Rafael Art. Javier St. John’s University 8000 Utopian Parkway Queens, New York 11439 USA Tel: (718) 990-5460 or 1972 Fax: (718) 990-5485

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