Psychological vs Physical Age

Psychological vs Physical Age

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Age Does Not Affect a Person’s Smarts.
Being three years older does not necessarily make a person three years smarter. If that person does not go out of his or her way to learn, or to be taught for that three years, therefore it does not make that person develop three years smarter or much intelligence in that timeframe compared to other. There are people who are old at eighteen who stop learning, and there are people young at ninety who never stop learning. There are many scenarios where a young teen, or older child is more mature, more intelligent, or wiser than his or her two, three, five, or etcetera older siblings, friends, acquaintance, or sadly his or her own parents.

After a certain point, age stops playing its role to determine an individual’s maturity. A person’s maturity is determined by how he or she is raised and how he or she thinks. Maturity differentiates from fifteen to fifteen, eighteen to eighteen years old, and etcetera. Chronological age and Psychological age do not correlate with the other with every individual. Mental, neither Physical age especially does not correlate with the other one now in the age of information. For example, there have been known to be cases such as thirty-five year old women, or mothers who have the mental maturity of a seventeen year old high school girl. These women lack the maturity they should have more probably due to lack of interest or effort in becoming more mature to fit their own age or new responsibilities.

Intelligence and knowledge have no age and are never ending. Once a person believes he or she knows it all is when he or she loses the race of knowledge and learning. When a person acknowledge he or she indeed does not know everything, he or she is more compatible, and willing to learn what he or she does not know than a person who believes he or she knows everything there is to know. People live in the age of knowledge and information in today’s day and world. People with the access to...

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