Psychology Human Experience

Psychology Human Experience

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Guevarra, Arron John C.

Psychology: Human Experience

Why Study Psychology?

Psychology: The Human Experience. Introduces psychology as a science of behavior and mental processes. Explains how understanding why we think and act as we do enhances our lives.


The film basically revolves around the expedition to Mt. Logan. 10 people just want to relax and just want to go out to their typical kind of day. They want to experience how to live or to feel what its like not to be in the normal world. But in the end, they learn that they cant finish the expedition because of some reason. The expedition really help psychologist to study how motivated or how people behave in this unusual situations.

Expert/ Specialist involved
Rita Dudley Grant
Linda Bartashouck
Robert Sternberg
Ralph Glenn
Bernie Weigner
Don Hockenburry
Suzanne Thompson
Sandra Hockerry
Mark Stevens
Jerald Jellison
Judy Rosener
Kellina Conig
Salvatore Maddi
Steven James
Peter Salovey
Barbarra W.K. Yee

Why is Psychology Important?

Psychology is important as it is concerned with the study of behavior and mental processes and at the same time, it is also applied to many different things in human life. Everything we perform is very much related to or with psychology. Psychology, primarily studies who and what we are, why we are like that, why we act and think like that and what we could be as a person.
Psychology is important in a lot of different ways, for instance the studies that has been conducted in various life threatening illnesses. Through the process of utilizing psychology, the psychologist determined different diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and some other Neurological diseases. By making use of psychological research, doctors have now developed medicines and even able to alleviate different illnesses.
Through studying psychology we are able to understand and determine how the mind and body of an individual...

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