Psychology. Term Paper

Psychology. Term Paper

Psychology 391 Term Paper

The paper addresses a topic (problem or issue) pertaining to the psychology of prejudice, hate, and violence. Please provide a tentative paper title and a typed one paragraph description of the paper you intend to write by June 13th before proceeding.

Term papers should be 5 typed, 12 point font, double spaced pages (excluding references) and are due by Monday June 27th at midnight. No late papers will be accepted. Provide at least 3 citations that are from professional and/or scholarly sources (i.e., professional journals, textbooks, professional organization websites). Do not use wikipedia or popular media cources except as additioanl references beyond the required 3 reference sources).

You are free to choose any paper topic that shows original, creative, and insightful thinking about prejudice, hate, and violence. Here are a few sample topics that would be appropriate:

TOPIC # 1: Analyze the role of prejudice in one or more international conflicts, such as the wars in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, the war on terrorism, or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Then see if you can generate specific practical suggestions for U.S. citizens who would like to help bring about peace.

TOPIC # 2: Write a book review of one of the references listed in your syllabus. For example, some students choose to write a book review of Savage Spawn by J. Kellerman or Without Conscience by Robert Hare. Include 2 other references. One must be a journal article from a peer reviewed journal.

TOPIC # 3: Analyze an issue related to prejudice, hate, and/or violence in more depth, for example the historial, societal, and psychological development of weight prejudice, ageism in North American culture, the experiences of African Americans and/or other ethnicities such as Native Americans/Aboriginals.

Topic # 4: Create an original classroom activity, student assignment, web demonstration, or tutorial that promotes social justice at the same time that...

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