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Personal Reflection on the Self
Angela Hubbard
March 27, 2013

Personal Reflection on the Self

A topic that interests many individuals, including but not limited to psychologists, sociologists, and philosophers is the topic of self and the concept of the self. Many individuals already have his or her ideas of themselves and how that idea makes up their own entire being. An individual’s self is made up of his or her cognitive processes and how he or she perceives themselves compared to how others perceive them (McLeod, 2008). Throughout this paper the discussion of the concept of self and how it may relate to reality and give examples of real life situations of how it affects one’s self efficacy and self esteem.
The concept of social self has numerous different ways of being defined and looked at. On one had the concept of social self is one who communicate with other individuals while on the other hand social self is how a person communicates when he or she is alone. In easier terms social self strictly depends on the individual and who is intermingling with that individual and what the environment is during that intermingling of those two individuals. Each individual reacts in different ways in each environment that he or she is in. For example, an individual may be a very professional person while working, but when that same individual is out having fun with his or her family and friends then he or she will be fun and spontaneous. There is also the issue of the individuals self esteem and self efficacy when thinking about the way the individual will act in certain situations. According to McLeod, it has been suggested that the development of a concept of self has two aspects, which are the existential self and the categorical self. The existential self is when the individual realized that he or she lives as a separate being (2008). The awareness of self usually begins in most individuals around two to three months of age...

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