Is a high school diploma better than a G.E.D.? I would say that it depends on the situation. When you have your high school diploma it shows that you made it through high school and if you have your G.E.D. it means that you didn’t graduate from high school. I dropped out of school in the 9th grad and had felt bad as I got older that I didn’t have a high school diploma.

I really wanted to have a high school diploma I thought it would be better. I had the option of going back to school and getting all the credits I needed, which would have took forever, or I could go and get my G.E.D. which would have been quicker. I would have to work longer and harder at achieving all the credits I would need to receive my high school diploma. Then the thought came into my mind that people would view me as not smart enough to achieve my high school diploma and view me as dumb.

People who have their high school diploma may seem more devoted but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily smarter. It does take devotion to obtain a G.E.D as well. It also would be nice to tell your children and grand children that you graduated from high school it is something they can look up to and sets a good example. Getting your G.E.D. gets you on the right track if you just want to go to college and receive a degree.

When you go to high school you don’t have to pay to get your diploma, but with your G.E.D. you have to pay. If you don’t pass the test you will have to pay to take the test again. Which is a small price to pay If i say so myself.

Having your high school diploma is something you should take pride in because it shows you accomplished making it through high school. Having your G.E.D. is something to be proud of too because it shows that you made the effort to get a diploma instead of doing nothing with your education.

If you decide to get your G.E.D. and then go onto college to get a...