Ptlls Activity 1.1

Ptlls Activity 1.1


Activity 1.1

Let us consider the extent of that responsibility:

Look at each of the headings below and write down what you need to consider. It is probably best to focus on a particular subject. You should consider how you might tackle it, who will help you and how you will know if you have got it right.

Use your existing knowledge and common sense to answer the questions below. This will also be a good way to find out about your own strengths and development needs at this early stage. Write this on this piece of paper in as much detail as you can on the subject you wish to teach when qualified.

Roles and responsibilities Thoughts and Considerations

What will I teach?

In my role of teacher my target subjects range from

1. Business & Management (NVQ4)

2. Supervisory (NVQ3)

3. Warehouse & Distribution (NVQ2)

4. Health & Safety In the workplace (NVQ2)

5. ISO Quality Procedures & Audit (NVQ3)

6. Various Lift Truck Instructions (RTITB)

7. Computer Competence (ECDL) (NVQ3)

The target learners will be of working age that have a basic (or entry level) knowledge and wish to progress their skills towards achieving a formal accreditation.

When will I teach it?

The learning sector I intend to teach in will be both “classroom” and “shop-floor” based activities. These lessons will be held during normal working hours, however, with the nature of external factors I will have to become flexible towards the learners needs (if these hours would not suit).

The teaching of these subjects will possibly require a certain level of “on the job training” (observational and activity based) and this will also need to be flexible in view of the learner, employer, employee and teacher needs and requirements. (EG – To carry out observational training for a task in the workplace it must be agreed by the employer so that it does not impact on the productivity of the business)...

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