Pttls 10

Pttls 10

How can teachers / trainers establish ground rules with their learners?

My learners come from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs which is a challenge for any Trainer or Advisor. Therefore, I have to try to differentiate my style of training in order to establish appropriate ground rules when I train groups of people or on a one-to-one basis. Before I create ground rules I would explain to all the members of class what ground rules are. Ground rules are the minimum conditions for getting work done in the session. The creation of ground rules in the classroom is fundamental in creating a respectful, safe, peaceful and friendly environment for people to learn in.

Each learner when they are referred are taken through a full induction that includes a set of prescribed ground rules from the organisation, and sets out the companies codes of practice, which they have to agree with and sign. This also incorporates all company polices on Data Protection, Every Learner Matters and all Safeguarding responsibilities.

First of all the rules needs to be adhered to the companies operations and disciplinary procedures of where I am operating in at the time and then need to be adapted to the learners' individual needs and backgrounds. This is mutually discussed and recorded in the learner file on the induction checklist.

Different methods would apply when I establish the ground rules of a group for example if I was conducting a Pre Employment Training session, than if I was operating on a one to one basis on an Information, Advice and Guidance basis.   The main method I use for both categories is preparing a list of what I expect from my learners and what they would expect from me as a trainer and advisor.

When new learners join the Flexible New Deal Programme, we both mutually go through a Flexible New Deal agreement, and this sets out what behaviour is expected from the learners, and what I will do for them on behalf of Intraining.

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