Pttls Assignment 1 – Identify Training Needs

Pttls Assignment 1 – Identify Training Needs

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Pttls Assignment 1 – Identify training needs.
In my job role as an assessor it is important to identify training needs on an individual basis. Each candidate will have different needs depending on their job role and tailoring an NVQ to suit this to prove occupational competency.

Identify Needs
It is important to identify training needs at the point of sign up to ensure each candidate is put on the right training programme. An initial assessment is undertaken by candidates to test literacy and numeracy and to establish whether there any Basic Skill needs. If this is brought to light at sign up a Basic Skill Referral Form is completed in agreement with the candidate to offer support in weak areas. The candidates also complete a learning style questionnaire to identify their own style of learning. I can then take this into consideration when completing the framework with the learner.

Plan/Design the Course
At the sign up stage an individual learning plan is drawn up in agreement between the learner, employer and myself to agree what will take place over the 18 month programme and to set short, medium and long term goals for the candidate which are achievable. In the learning plan stage any barriers to learning the candidate may have can be identified such as shift patterns, family commitments and travelling I am then aware from the start of the candidate’s requirements. The learning plan also highlights to the employer and learner that reviews need to take place every 61 days to show progress. It is then an opportunity for any issues to be highlighted where necessary.

Deliver the Course
Once the initial sign up has taken place, I will go out to the candidate’s workplace to undertake assessments to prove occupational competency. This can be undertaken in the form of observations to confirm the assessor can see the candidate is capable of meeting the standards. Through professional discussions or personal statements which are useful when I cannot observe...

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