Pttls Essay T3

Pttls Essay T3

Janice Sharman.
Level 3 theory assessment.

Promoting inclusion, equality and diversity in the with your current/future learners. Identify other points of referral available to meet the needs of learners.

To achieve a productive learning environment within the classroom these 3 points should be taken into consideration:

A) Inclusion.
A short definition.
To involve all students in the ongoing activities regardless of their background and abilities, not to let the student feel excluded because of gender, religion, disability or social background.
The teacher can offer practical help to overcome student’s feelings of exclusion by first attempting to differentiate the needs of his/her individual students, and
trying to provide the time and resources to meet their individual needs,
By placing students with their peers, offering individual help and creating activities that involve everyone within the class can help to give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.
Outside help can also be used, directing the student to tutorial and financial support, confidential counselling or learner support.

B) Equality
A short definition.
All students being given the same / equal opportunity to succeed.
As tutors we must treat all students in the class with equal respect, showing no favouritism or antagonism regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or age.
Clear boundaries of behaviour and open communication must be encouraged at all times; introducing and making clear the college’s policies dealing with discrimination, also mentoring and pastoral support could benefit your students.

C) Diversity
A short definition
There are huge difference in the student population today, ethnic, age, ability, social background and religion.
Within the classroom the tutor must recognise this diversity in his/her students and provide individual support and help.

Internal and external points of referral to aid learners.
Some learners may need...

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