Pub Catering Market In UK 2014

Pub Catering Market In UK 2014

Pub Catering - UK - May 2014

Adding more treat elements such as cocktails and drinks flights can help venues enhance their special-occasion proposition and help to drive footfall for higher-spending occasions. Alternatively, launching more products facilitating regular purchase such as takeaway coffee and morning goods allows brands to further exploit their image as providing everyday value.

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Table of Content



Executive Summary

The market
Figure 1: Pub catering market size and forecast, 2008-18
Market factors
Companies, brands and innovation
Companies and products
Brand research
Figure 2: Pub restaurant brand personality – Macro image, December 2013
Who’s innovating?
The consumer
Frequency of visiting a pub
Figure 3: Frequency of visiting a pub/bar for a drink or to eat in, February 2014
Figure 4: Frequency of visiting a pub/bar for a meal, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014
Actions and engagement with pubs
Figure 5: Actions and engagement with pubs, February 2014
Attitudes towards pub catering
Figure 6: Attitudes towards pub catering, February 2014
Pub menu enticements
Figure 7: Pub menu enticements, February 2014
What we think

Issues and Insights

Opportunities for pubs to embrace their everyday meal image, or alter it
The facts
The implications
Pubs need to target specific consumer groups and dining occasions
The facts
The implications
Building on the current popularly of pubs amongst the under-25s
The facts
The implications

Trend Application

The ‘Influentials’
Collective Intelligence
Access Anything, Anywhere

Market Drivers

Key points
Pub visits affected by continuing decline in alcohol consumption in the UK
Figure 8: Selected consumer spending priorities (after bills), March 2010-March 2014
Figure 9: Consumer Confidence Index, monthly, January 2007-March...

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