Public Administration - 1

Public Administration - 1

By Angelo S. Macario

Public Administration is drawn from Political Science. Their relationship cannot be dichotomized to single out each difference; as Political Science was defined as an academic discipline concerned with the study of politics, governance, the state and political life. However, Public Administration is a discipline drawn from political science, sociology, economics and other fields of science and humanities to capitalize utmost understanding of public bureaucracies and administration behavior as they are parallel and cannot be separated.

The evolution of Political Science has been vivid in the history and these developments affect the maturity of public administration respectively.

As political science soared high and has made its glorious days after the World War II public administration remains a huge challenge to many scholars over decades in different nations around the world.

Public Administration becomes a shadow of political science in many aspects, vehemently underrated its core function. The principle of management introduced by Gulick “POSDCORB” is the most appropriate basic principle of public administration as it is classified to be a management field. Public Administration has to magnify these core functions thus this represents an organized management of an organization or group of people.

Public administration is too wide to be defined however; the best definition of Public Administration is a management process of applied sciences that governs public organizations, social norms, government policies, economic reforms, human development and political stability and maturity.

Many books and literatures have been published in regards with the study of political science and public administration. Different philosophers of their time have documented their theories and researches to identify and single out public administration from other field of science but no absolute definition...

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