Public Police Officer vs Private Security Officer

Public Police Officer vs Private Security Officer

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Public Police Officer vs Private Security officer
Unice Hunter
ENG 121
Lori Hawks
October 15, 2012

Many people look at Public Police Officers and Private Security Officers as being one in the same. In many ways Public Police Officers and Private Security Officers have several traits that are very similar but very difference, in their own ways everyday both profession put their lives on the line for others personal and private properties. Public police officers sometimes have the opportunity to receive outside training by state and federal agencies. This paper will show some of the similarities and differences in roles, duties, and responsibilities. Most Public Police Departments are run by a Chief of Police, Mayor of the city, City Counsel members and Board of Police Commissioners. Public Police departments are funded by city taxes and state taxes, so therefore public police officers work for the public and are paid by the public. Public Police departments serves the communities were they are located, their pay is based on the geographic area where their located not by a private sector like private security companies.

Private security officers are paid by private owned companies. They work for individually owned companies that they provide serve only to. Private security officers handle internal company investigations and losses that are not handled by public police officers. He/She only patrols and protects that particular company from losses, thefts. They also monitor CCTV, secure buildings, and conduct screenings of companies’ personnel. “Private Security companies have more of hands off approach; most companies rather not approach a person if they have already left the location and they are no longer are a threat to anyone within their company, this is a smoke screen to avoid law suites” (rockinjoe, 2012). Also according to (rockinjoe, 2012) “this policy was created (supposedly) for the...

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