Public Service Panel

Public Service Panel

Small Group Communication
SPCH 210
Group Public Service Panel Presentation Guidelines
150 Points

Your public service panel with be in an open committee format. Your panel will be in front of the class room debating/discussing a public service related issue. The format will be informal to semi-formal.
* Remember that a committee is a subgroup of a parent organization where non-experts meet to discuss an issue or issues or to solve a problem.

Visual aids are NOT required for this panel; however, visual aids help establish credibility, clarify main points and statistics, and engage your audience (when done for the audience).

The panel is to present between 15-30 minutes with community (audience) interaction.
Your maximum panel discussion time is 30 minutes. Your panel will be stopped at the 30 minute mark to ensure there is enough time for all groups to present their discussions.
Your minimum panel discussion time is 15 minutes. There will be a 10 percent grade reduction for panels from 9:59 – 14:59; 15 percent grade reduction for panel discussions from 4:59-9:58; and a 50 percent grade reduction for panel discussion under 4:58.

In addition to the time frame, the group will be graded on their ability to stay on track and complete their presentation structure within the allotted amount of time. Each audience member will present one question per panel, so the panel will also be graded on how they were able to manage audience interaction, addressing responses (to the audiences questions), and general information regarding their specific topic.

Since this is in the format of a Public Service Presentation, we will ‘assume’ the audience has come to participate of their own free will wherein they have a desire to participate with the panel.
* Each audience members will prepare one question for each panel presentation. The groups and their topics will be presented to the audience a head of time as to allow time for question...

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