Public Service

Public Service

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Semester “Fall 2010”
“Research Methods (STA 630)”
Assignment No. 02 “Patients’ attitude” Marks: 20

An NGO working for the welfare of the cancer patients wants to conduct a survey to measure cancer patients’ attitude toward the doctor’s personality, behavior, competence, and prescribed treatment, in the public hospitals of Lahore. A researcher has been hired for this purpose. There are 10 hospitals in the city which are treating the cancer patients. Administrations of seven famous hospitals in the city are ready to cooperate with researcher and provide him the information about cancer patients admitted in the hospital. While the other three hospitals refused to provide any information for some reasons. On the basis of the information provided by 07 hospitals, he has a list of 500 cancer patients, admitted in these public hospitals of Lahore. The researcher decided to take a simple random sample of 150 patients for the survey. He collected data by filling out a questionnaire from selected patients and analyzed the data to draw conclusions.

1. Identify the population in the given scenario? 2. What is the Sampling Frame in the given Scenario? 3. Identify the Sampling unit and Observation unit in the given scenario? 4. What type of research is this? Descriptive, exploratory or explanatory (5 Marks) (5 Marks) (5 Marks) (5 Marks)

Important Tips
1. This Assignment can be best attempted from the knowledge acquired after watching video lecture no. 03 and lecture no. 26 to lecture no. 28 and reading handouts (as well as recommended text book). 2. Video lectures can be downloaded for free from

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