Course: Library Competition

Framing the Facts Level: Pre-Intermediate
Friday 15th May


30 min
Subject Tutor:
Puja Sharma
Number of learners: 3
Topic of lesson: Introduction to Fiction and Non-fiction
Materials and equipment required:
White board, Power Point
Samples of Non-fiction literature (books, menus, maps. magazines)
Samples of fiction (e.g. story books, novels)

Lesson Aims (lecturer’s intention):
To Prepare students to read a nonfiction article by building background knowledge and providing them the introduction to the features of nonfiction texts and fiction.
Learning objectives – by the end of the lesson learners should be able to:
1. Familiarise themselves with the fiction and Non-fiction literature.
2. Identify key vocabulary such as Caption, Title and Heading
3. To be able to identify the basic features of non-fiction books.

Anticipated Problems and possible solutions:

Some students may not be able to differentiate characteristics of non-fiction from fiction even we assume that before they have some background knowledge about this genre.
Solution: Will provide them different examples before asking them to make 2 different piles ie. For fiction /Non-fiction

Assessment methods (how the learning outcome will be assessed):

Question and answer throughout with directed questions regarding the different theories of learning strategies.
Participation in activities.

Lesson Outline (continue overleaf)
Start Time
Subject matter/content
Teacher Activity
Learner Activity
Checking Learning
Working collaboratively
Introduce oneself
To gather the students in the group area and engage students through eliciting about reading and asking for eg.
What kind of books you like to read ? (books about
real people, places, and events or fairy stories)
T will make it more...

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